New Best Mobile App For Android Apps 2021

New Best Mobile App For Android

However, if necessary, you can manually change the prayer manual in the “Settings” tab or adjust the prayer times manually.

For the best experience, please make sure your location is qualified!

. Sala Salatak Ho Rafiqak Lail Pesho Ali Salatak’s request
On the method of determining the time of its application, it is possible to apply it, that is, you know the time of prayer and thus limit the acceptance of the qiblah.
Implement your prayers using the most reliable accounting methods in the Islamic world.

This special edition has a standard format of sixteen lines per page. 16 Line of the Qur’an is designed specifically for memorizing the Qur’an, for Muslims who have memorized the Qur’an completely in a madrassa, school or other religious institution.

Improve your recitation and spiritual experience with a real sense of the Qur’an printed anywhere. The Quran has a real page-turning effect, beautiful style, smooth Nasta’liq font and various ways for better reading ability.

Now it comes with a custom bundle of new options to give your eyes a lot of comfort while reading.

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