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Coin business is very famous nowadays. There are website who provides you opportunity to earn coin for free. Some of them need investment and pay the profit of mining which they get. Now you can also get by installing a system and do mining of coins. You can do it by installing PC at home with high graphics card. This is free money you can get it by selling the coins. There are website where you can play games and solve surveys in return they will pay you in coins. In this article you can learn that how you can earn coins and turn into money. You have to follow steps and do what we tell you.

There are methods where you can get coins. You can buy it or earn it through blockchain or mined through PC. Now the question is this that who can do mining. Anyone can do mining. If you have little knowledge and good system you can do mining. There are website which we are going to mention where you can earn coin.


This platform is for crypto investment and this website has a mobile app too. They have bitcoin mining. They have contract from 75 to 50000 USD for 15 month. This is how you can earn money. You can download mobile and see the status of your account. They have free mining of bitcoin for 1 month. So we suggest you to have this ecos website where you can earn bitcoin and this is the best website.


This is also simple mining process. You can earn free coins here. They have advertisement you have to click that and you get coin in returns. You have to click every four hours to do mining. If you did not click after four hours of click mining will stop and you will stop earning. There are levels that speedup your mining and high level is called as VIP3 and you can earn till 16000$ per month. You can deposit your money and depends on you what kind of business you want to do. It is suitable only if you do it with crypto and we also suggest about this site as this is the best one and let you earn coins for a month for free.


There are many website but this one is great as it cover 3.5 of all bitcoins. It has 2% fee that uses this platform. It has a mobile app that give you status of your account for 24 hours. You can check your mining anytime. It can be used in Europe USA, Canada, japan and etc.

Awesome miner:

This is a platform that is used in window and Linux. There are plan that is share with you on their website. Plan depends on you whether you select yearly or monthly. These monthly plan are more expensive than yearly. So we suggest you that if you wan to work on this platform you should select monthly plan as they are not expensive.



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