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Extra Volume Booster, XBooster

Are you a music lover, who wants to increase your android device volume, and always wants to find out new strategies to improve voice quality? Do not want to use expensive earphones or hands-free?? Music lover?? Needs some amusement? Do not want to invest money in the sound equipment?? Fed up with purchasing or carrying audio devices? Fed up to install apps for improving voice quality?

10 Best Sound Boosters for Windows 10 Laptop and Desktop in 2022

Consider a scenario you are on a long drive, instead of using cars speakers you are using a sound amplifier. At that, you will feel very bad that might be frustrated you. By seeing these problems many companies offer solutions. For laptops and PCs many software are available on the market such as Equalizer APO, Boom, FxSound Premium, Letasoft, Breakaway Audio, Enhancer, Bongiovi DPS, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13, and Volume Booster.

For android devices also numerous apps are available, but Simple Design Ltd. Introduce the best one Extra Volume Booster, XBooster which makes your life comfortable. This incredible app is about 66 MB not taking too much space and 4.9 rating on the google play store.

For this incredible app visit the google play and apple play stores, and download Simple Design Ltd. Introduce the best Extra Volume Booster, XBooster on your device. After that mention your device name. Then you can enjoy the best gaming audios, moves, videos, social media videos, MP3, and MP4 videos.

Apps that offer similar features with Extra Volume Booster, XBooster are given below

  • Volume Booster: Sound Booster
  • Bass Volume Booster-Equalizer
  • Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D


  • Music Player – Audio Player
  • Equalizer Pro – Volume Booster & Bass Booster
  • Default Music Player
  • Music Player for Android-Audio
  • Volume Bass Booster: Equalizer

How to use Extra Volume Booster, XBooster

This incredible app is easy to operate this app can increase the volume by up to 200% of the original volume. Simply installation of this app connects with the audio system of the device then make sure the app requirements. For activation, this app needs the approval of the user to access the audio files and all folders that are related to the audio.

For the convent use, you can connect with the media players that help to connect automatically instead of connecting again and again.

Features of Extra Volume Booster, XBooster are given below

  • Friendly to operate.
  • Extra Volume Booster, XBooster helps to increase your device volume up to 200%.
  • Make your own style.
  • It also improves voice quality.
  • Offers incredible visual spectrum.
  • Allow the sound runs in the background.
  • Stylish & simple user interface
  • It is also a sound booster cellphone, hands-free, and headphones
  • Easy to connect with Bluetooth, speaker for increasing volume.
  • Pleasant stereo surround sound effects
  • Simple screen display
  • It helps to enhance alarm volume and ring tone.
  • Enhance sound without affecting sound quality.

Other features of Extra Volume Booster, XBooster are given below

Improve voice quality

Easy to operate

Built-in music player controls

Background music

Connect with different devices

Battery drain

User friendly

  • Improve voice quality

Sometimes the online music plays the sound quality of the video, or song, the music goes down this incredible app helps to maintain the sound quality. And also improve the voice quality by adding voice fitters. It can improve the quality of volume of media & system without affecting the sound quality, useful for videos, audiobooks, music, games, alarms, ringtones, etc.

  • Battery drain


Most of the apps do not work in the power saving mood or in the ultra-power saving modes but this app work Extra Volume Booster, and XBooster work in these helps to protect the charging of the cell phone. Increase battery life. You can use this app while your lock screen is off which prevents battery drain.

  • Connect with different devices

Another amazing option of this app help to connect with different devices at a time such as cellphone, hands-free, headphones, Bluetooth, and speakers for increasing volume. Then you can enjoy the best gaming audios, moves, videos, social media videos, MP3, and MP4 videos.

  • Friendly to operate

This app is friendly to operate in such a way it gives complete and clear options for changing audio, pausing audio, increasing volume, decreasing volume, playing the next song, playing the previous one, etc.

Disclaimer for Extra Volume Booster, XBooster

This app increase volume by up to 200% of any device that affects the human ear. Extra Volume Booster, XBooster advises the user to step by step increase the volume that can protect the ears. This app connects with every kind of device cell phone, hands-free, headphones, Bluetooth, and speakers. Then the volume is controlled by your fingertips. So you can increase or decrease according to ear capacity





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