New Touch Protector The Best of Touch Disabling

Touch Protector is a screen lock application that prevents unexpected activity of touch screens and physical gestures. This application disables the touch function of other applications on your screen. This is a very traditional theater, and there is no advertising!

Touch Protector is different from normal screen lock applications. Please watch the video below to see it.

The case is easy to use
Touch Protector is a common application that disables touch screen and physical button activity, but it has many useful uses.
– When you launch the Maps app, the map does not change when you go to the screen
– Play music videos in your pocket.

– Locking the camera while recording video allows you to enjoy working with different cameras without having to worry about accidental operation.

– When you use your phone as a navigation system for a motorcycle, you can prevent incredible activity due to rain.

– When you follow the image shown, you can lock it and put a piece of paper in it.
– When you show someone a photo, you can lock it and give it to others so they can see it.
– one more.
If you have any other interesting way to use it, I would appreciate it if you write in the comments.

Initial use
– Lock screen with notification bar, vibration and more.
– Open the screen with the volume key.
– Easy to understand by watching the video above.

Suggested settings
– Shake> Shake Lock> On
– Shake> Remove Sensitivity> Adjust Sensitivity
– Happiness> Proximity Core Lock> On
– Lockdown> Lockup> Down
– bottom> right side call pool> open
– Hard Keys> Unlock Clip> On
– Hard keys> Unlock volume keys

Emergency opening
If you are unable to unlock your phone, please try below.
– Press the volume up button.
– Connect your phone to the power source.
– Call the phone and touch the screen.
– Touch the screen 5 times to show other unlocking modes.
– Remove the SIM card to reboot your phone.
– Force your phone to restart according to the procedure found by searching “Verify your phone name”.

Crash by accident!
Your phone’s battery control feature can force a touch protector.
You can remove the touch protector from the phone’s battery control. The following website is effective for emission control.

Restrictions for Android 8 and later
Due to Android OS 8 or higher additional restrictions, Touch Protector can no longer disable the notification bar (top of the screen) and navigation bar (bottom of the screen). Therefore, Touch Protector will soon close the notification bar and navigation bar as they have been shown to reduce unexpected activity.




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