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Note: We do not have copyright for some of the dynamics used, and where applicable, the copyright owner is indicated at the top of the dynamic screen when the charger is connected.

Charge Animations is an amazing app that shows great movement when your battery is charging!

– Save energy, prolong battery life and charge faster with simple movements

Monitor battery level with a simple screen

Double-click to disable or disconnect the battery charger

– Colorful, funny and beautiful animations for the phone. There are many traditional animations

– Receive full battery alerts (listening alerts are sufficient to prevent the battery from overcharging and to prevent battery damage)

– Full support for all screen solutions

Tired of regular messaging? This app shows you the percentage of battery level with fun and beautiful animations once the charger is not packed.

You can adjust the app to show your favorite animation and even temporarily disable animation if any disturbance occurs.

————————————————– How to use it Do – ———————————————— ——— – —-
1. Connect your charger

2. Type the charge charge

3. Click in motion to display.

4. To refuse to move, double-tap the screen. If that doesn’t work, make sure your phone is locked.

Please note:
– This is the only way to show movement due to Google policies that no longer allow developers to take action when plugging in a charger.

– You can scroll down to download new themes


========= Recent major changes ========
– The app now has a full battery alert
– Download additional themes / animations from the app
– Application size is now less than 5 MB
– Easily disable and reactivate animations
– The most reliable operation of motion after starting the application for the first time
– Share your themes to download
– Show downloaded moving preferences



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