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Week 1:

Date Blog Post Title
March 1st “The Best Pashto Songs of All Time: Our Top Picks”
March 3rd “Pashto Songs That Will Get You Grooving”
March 5th “10 Up-and-Coming Pashto Artists You Need to Know”

Week 2:

Date Blog Post Title
March 8th “The History of Pashto Music: From Traditional to Modern”
March 10th “How Pashto Songs Are Used in Weddings and Celebrations”
March 12th “Pashto Pop Stars: The Most Popular Artists Today”

Week 3:

Date Blog Post Title
March 15th “Pashto Songs That Will Help You Learn the Language”
March 17th “The Most Emotional Pashto Songs You Need to Hear”
March 19th “Pashto Songs That Will Help You Relax and Unwind”

Week 4:

Date Blog Post Title
March 22nd “The Best Pashto Love Songs of All Time”
March 24th “Pashto Songs That Will Make You Want to Dance”
March 26th “How to Find and Download Pashto Songs Online”


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