PickU: Background Eraser, Cutout Background Editor

🏆PickU is a very versatile and easy-to-use photo editor. It can be used for photo cutters, background erasers, background changers, blur images, and photo beauty effects.
PickU makes cutting and editing images so easy and fun!💖 Simply select the objects you want to remove precisely and erase them. We offer hundreds of emoji wallpapers, natural backgrounds, frame wallpapers, border backgrounds and other templates;
Background eraser
⭐️ Crop photo and wipe background to change background easily;
Remove the background and get amazing photo clips;
⭐️ Use the magic portals template to create amazing photos;
Select the tool to blur image background;
⭐️ Cut photo clips to add popular magic backgrounds;
⭐️ Enjoy and experience the graffiti art, graffiti on pictures📸 photo editor
⚡️ Use millions of amazing free photo templates to edit your photos, pics and pics;

⚡️ Use hundreds of aesthetic fonts to add custom text to photos;
⚡️ Create, edit, exposure, and blend photo layers.
⚡️ Use smart tools to quickly flip and crop photos;
⚡️ Popular pop filters for cool and trendy box office effects;
⚡️ Use all of your favorite photos to create amazing photo collages;
⚡️ Bring your photos to life;
Edit photos and videos and have fun with this sticker and sticker maker;👩‍❤️‍👩 3D Avatar Sticker
Create amazing avatar stickers – it can give you a face-lift;
Test rich hair color, makeup stickers, etc;
🌻 Discover more than cool stickers;
🌻 Add stickers to photos to improve the editing fun;
🌻 Make your own cartoon scraps and use the cutter to create custom stickers;
🌻 Use amazing magic effects to make your photos beautiful;
🌻 Turn your avatar into a masterpiece with a canvas effect;
🌻 Use the most popular drawing templates for selfie captioning
Use effect stickers to customize the blending mode;

Cutout template
💝 Try to use free classroom templates, collages, scrapbooks and photo frames;
💝 With Class Template, you can create complex artworks with just one click;

💝 In the new version, you don’t even need to set all the different editing tools, just select a picture template.
💝 Use custom brushes, layers, and professional drawing tools together.Art filters
🌻 High-quality filters for selfies, portraits, nature portraits, food, landscapes, or any occasion. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth, etc.
🌻PickU is the simplest and most useful photo editor. Download PickU to create amazing photos and videos.
Follow pickuapps on Instagram for design inspiration.Blur photo editor
💝 Professional photo editing tools like blur, DSLR, crop, rotate, and photo beauty effects.
💝 You can create best blur effect, just like DSLR camera. DSLR camera blur effect is a perfect combination of beauty and photo effects. You can use it to sharpen photos, blur backgrounds, blur pictures,




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