Popup Ad Detector-Detect ad showing outside of app

**: This application will not block pop-up ads or search for pop-up ads in the application. The details of any of its advertisements will not be known, only the advertisements of the application will not be known

Palt ad created the application Water Race Clan?

To see the presence of Palt Advertisers, click on:
1. Lock the ad screen.
2- Home screen advertising
3. Add other applications.
4- Notification bar advertisement (air detector).

Here’s how:
After setting, you see an icon floating on the screen.
The next time the ad will be an ad, its application guide that the ad has been created.
If you post the app uninstall no longer pops up!

To properly tailor your post to the advertiser, the list must:
1. Grant access.
2. Mark other application locations.

Do not click the floating icon on some applications. To solve the problem, the name floating icon is manually and when you have finished it

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