Samsung Galaxy S22 FE

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE

What We Know So Far Samsung began releasing FE or Fan Edition versions of their top S series phones in 2020. So, technically, these watered-down, low-cost flagships haven’t been around for that long. We’ve seen four FE models from Samsung so far, and speculations regarding the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE are now circulating.
The Galaxy S22 series includes some of the top phones available right now. A cheaper version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phones will surely enliven the mid-range market, according to Samsung’s reputation for making the correct sacrifices. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, however, not all news is good news. Here’s all we know so far about the phone.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE be released?

When Samsung released the first Fan Edition phone, it promised that all of its flagships will receive a FE variant every year. So as far as the official business line goes, the Galaxy S22 FE should be occurring to augment the Galaxy S22 series and function as a stop-gap till the Galaxy S23 family comes. However, according to a June 2022 rumor from SamMobile, Samsung may be discontinuing the Fan Edition line entirely. A Korean news agency confirmed this the next month. Samsung reportedly placed the S22 FE on hold in order to focus on expanding Galaxy S22 Ultra manufacturing.
Following these claims, there was no mention of the Galaxy S22 FE. However, in December, a little-known source claimed that Samsung was still considering releasing the phone. The speculated Exynos 2300 processor will be used in the gadget, according to the notion.
Meanwhile, speculations circulated that Samsung was working on a cheaper version of the Galaxy S21 FE. The Snapdragon 720G chipset was slated to power this one. However, as time passes, the idea of a second Galaxy S21 FE variant becomes increasingly remote.
There are arguments both for and against the Samsung FE phones. On the one hand, the Galaxy S20 FE provided incredible value and excellent performance, but on the other hand, the S21 FE was released late and did not provide adequate value in comparison to the better S22 flagships. So cancelling the Galaxy S22 FE by Samsung may not be such a bad thing. However, a less expensive flagship-grade phone from Samsung may be the ideal Pixel 6a competition. We’ll have to wait for formal confirmation from Samsung to find out what the business has in mind.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE

When will the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE be available?

• Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (4G and 5G) will be available on September 23, 2020.
• The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be released on January 3, 2022.
• This Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (April 5, 2022) —
There has been no talk regarding the Galaxy S22 FE’s release date because there has been no proof that the phone even exists. If the S20 FE launch is any indication, Samsung should have announced a Fan Edition Galaxy S22 in September. That, as we all know, did not occur. According to the latest rumors, Samsung may release the S22 FE with the Exynos 2300 processor in 2023. But don’t hold your breath waiting for it.
Should Samsung discontinue the Fan Edition line?
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No: I adore Fan Edition phones!
Yes, the Fan Edition phones aren’t really good.

What features will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE?

There have been no trustworthy leaks concerning the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE’s features or specifications. That’s presumably because reports of its termination began to circulate some time ago.
A Korean blogger warned in April that Samsung had not yet begun development of the Galaxy S22 FE. The leaker credited the information to a source and stated that it is the same circumstance as Samsung’s abrupt discontinuation of the Note line.
However, in the same month, a little-known and untrustworthy Chinese leaker (via Notebookcheck) stated that Samsung might likely equip the Galaxy S22 FE with the Mediatek Dimensity 9000 processor. Business Korea has stated that Samsung is considering utilising a Mediatek CPU for the Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy S23, lending credence to the story. Samsung uses Snapdragon or Exynos CPUs in its premium and FE phones, so moving to Mediatek would be a first for both lines.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE
The same source said that the forthcoming device would have a 4,500mAh battery, which is the same as the battery size of the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S20 FE. However, the leaker was unsure if these specifications belonged to the Galaxy S22 FE or another gadget.
The aforementioned RGCloudS leak is the most recent one we know regarding the phone. It implies that Samsung may equip the device with its Exynos 2300 processor, which has yet to be released.
Because all of these leaks are so shaky, we recommend that you accept them with a grain of salt.

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What will the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE be?

The Galaxy S20 FE, the first Samsung Fan Edition phone, cost $699. This was a good pricing point for folks who didn’t want to spend $999 or more on the Galaxy S20 series.
The Galaxy S21 FE followed, similarly priced at $699. However, it debuted just ahead of the Galaxy S22 series, which begins at $799. That’s only a $100 difference for a better phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE

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