Screen Lock – Time Password Best Mobile App

Are you worried about unlocking your phone?
Here is the Screen Lock Time Password (dynamic code) to unlock. You can now set your phone to lock this password and

New features
Beautiful iPhone style lock screen for Android device.
Great support on most Android phones.
Fully customizable custom lock screen.
High security lock screen.
Pa is one of Parolux’s best locks.
Set the slide text. You can save your name or your friend’s name on your lock screen.
Pictures to Hide and Keep Pictures and Videos: Pictures and videos imported to the phone can only be viewed after entering the correct code.
★ Personal Browser: With the help of the personal browser, browsing the internet will not leave any traces. There are also differentiating features.

The pieces

Choose wallpaper for lock screen
You can apply wallpapers in HD or choose from galleries.
Sound unlock is disabled / disabled.
Unlock / disable Unlock Corporation.
The watch supports both 12h and 24h b for w.
The memory is low memory and battery, which make the device easy and clean.
Secure 100 secure and secure screen lock password
Choose your lock type
You can choose your own way to lock Android phone (Change Passcode).
► Current time: This is the default lock screen password. For example, if the time was 01:47, then PIN would be 0147.
► PIN Passcode – Users can choose any password.
► PIN + minute passcode – for example if your number is 12 and the time is 1:45, then the PIN will be 1245.
► PIN + current time passcode – for example if the number you want is 45 and the time is 02:37 then the PIN will be 450237.
► PIN + DAY PASCODE – For example if your preferred number is 45 and the date is July 2017, then the PIN will be 450407.
► PIN + clock passcode – for example, if you like 12 and the time is 1:45, then PIN will be 4501.

— Frequently Asked Questions —

Hidden Screen Lock – How to Unlock Time Password?
1. Go to the app’s info page (settings> apps> lock screen> storage) and tap the manage / storage button to clear it.

How to lock Xiaomi / MI phone?
Ia Xiaomi / MI phones have individual permission management style. To use Screen Lock-Time password on Xiaomi / MI phone, please follow the steps below.
1. Open Security Applications -> Allow.
Allow Allow – choose -> Lock Screen – Time Password -> Allow Allow.
2. Go back to Allow -> Auto Start -> Allow Screen Lock – Time Password in Auto Start.

S License Details:
To view and improve the ad quality, you need to read your AD phone and network status.
android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Screen lock
android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Lock as soon as it is restarted
android.permission.CAMERA: Photography for lock screen wallpapers
android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to change the wallpaper of the lock screen
android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: for lock screen

Important loan: Uninstall this app before fixing your personal files, otherwise it will be lost forever.



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