Screen Stream Mirroring | best mobile screen stream App

Mirroring Screenshot is a very powerful application for capturing and broadcasting your Android screen and audio in real time!
With media players, web browsers, Chromecasts, and UPN / DLNA devices (smart TVs or other compatible devices), you can double-screen your screen on any device or computer. Can share “directly”.

Screen Stream Mirroring | best mobile screen stream App

You can make strong offers for work, study or sports.
You can broadcast everything on Twitch, YouTube Games, Facebook, YouTube, and any popular Internet streaming servers: Suitable for broadcasting your favorite games.
You can record it in video files.

This is a free screen removal version.
If you want to make sure the app works with your device, you can use the Pro version before purchasing.
The free version has a time limit for each application to run.

The following features are available:
[2] No Roots: Before Android 5.0 you need to run our Startup Tools from a computer to enable screen images.
[2] Screen sharing with devices such as Photography, Media Player and VLC, XBMC / Cody, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and more.
[3] Image reflection, screen sharing with web browsers
[3] Broadcast on Twitter, YouTube (YouTube Games), Facebook Live, YouTube and more …
[2] Photography, screen sharing with UPNP / DLNA video player such as XBMC / Cody ID
[2] Screen sharing with photography, UPNP / DLNA devices, smart TVs, Blu-ray players and other suitable devices
[1] Google Cast 3 Ready (Chrome Cast)
[2] Turn off the time steamer and turn off the screen when locked
[5] Camera coverage is in-stream
[5] Photo Overlay and Web Overlay (Android 5+)
[1] Previous scene of Chich during the broadcast
[3] Internal audio and microphone audio strings
[2] Mixed (internal + microphone) audio string
[1] Record
[5] Screen drawing during painting
[2] Compatible with network influencers (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB)
[3] Lots of settings to improve performance
[4] Any kind of connection can be made, so many people can connect at the same time.

Please read the instructions before installing our application:
Don’t use reviews to report problems or if you have questions.
Please contact us before deciding to make a bad comment due to some issues with our request. We will be happy to help you resolve any issues you may have.
But we don’t need to help you get every degree, we care about your needs and we want our application to work best for you. So please contact us through our customer support team so that we can solve any of your problems.

Instructions for unsafe devices:
Before Android 5.0, if your device is not rooted, you need to use our startup tool to enable screen photos.
Download the startup tool here: <<
If you want to use the application for the first time, you only need to start it and run it only when your device is restarted.



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