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Mobile antivirus and security are the most important issues we face. Lots of sensitive privacy information, banking, contacts, photos, messages on our mobiles. How can you protect yourself from viruses, spyware, trojans, malware, vulnerabilities, adware, privacy documents, phishing, phishing and Wi-Fi spying? How to clean the virus and how to remove the virus? Antivirus is good to do this.

A secure antivirus can help protect your privacy, security. Warning about suspicious, authentic viruses, spies, blacks and Trojans.

New features:
Antivirus and virus clean
Protect your privacy, photos, bank and account information. Keep your Android safe and secure, it’s antivirus master.
Protect your mobile from any kind of virus, malware, adware or Trojan, which is able to provide the best antivirus service worldwide.

Clear junk files
Clear junk files as much as possible, clear any remaining files, clear the cache, peek and improve the performance of your Android device without the hassle of caching. Keep your phone clean. This is the master of authentic mobile.

Memory development
Sometimes it takes too long to launch an application? Itching and Intolerance Booster can make your Android phone faster and faster! We use new technology to speed up the mobile, free up RAM and save battery, usually 30 memory can be released, you can still make the memory available through the booster. We use ourselves to improve the features of Android system B, no root facility required, safe and effective. Good growth, isn’t it? Create 1 Top Boost shortcut to speed up your Android device easily from your home screen.

Privacy risk identification
Mobile Security Analyzer, Wi-Fi Security Analyzer, Browser Security Check, make sure your mobile is safe from malicious viruses, malware, adware or trojans.

Quick security scan with one tap
Both local antivirus protection engine and cloud protection services. Quickly detect and clean up viruses, malware, adware or trojans.

Free protection with antivirus! Get the best antivirus right now!

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