Shadow – Kid’s Key Logger Apk Download

Shadow records all the real events of your child

Shadow is a group Android app created just for parents. Shadow will also help you when a friend of yours uses your phone for ten minutes, but you don’t trust him or her.

Once it’s activated, activate it, activate it, turn it off, activate it, turn it off. When there are other suitable things on your phone. Shad will record every major event he has done during this time with very useful information including what apps he is using, usage time, key events etc.

It can be done, which is a tank, it can be, which is a tank, it can be done by the means that you can do in this period. Things in the sense are important events that you can organize. Are you looking for garbage on the internet? What time do you spend Do you work from time to time Do you work while studying?

There is a small guide in the app itself. See what you are experiencing some problems.

And the originality
* Installing the application
* Enable shadows (direct you to your phone settings and settings).

That’s it .. !!
You can go. You can view the application CR file. Chargeable credits (especially from access credit). Enjoy the shading …. !!




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