Shazam: Music Discovery App

As the day pass social media discover new thing that makes life more interesting. As day pass new app are introduces to you. you not only enjoys those but love it with new feature. The app that I am going to introducing you is shazam. Now a days it become very popular as everyone want it. Shazam is used to find out music, videos and other material on YouTube and other platforms. It make the work easier as it find out songs in seconds. This app has a lot of feature as some are below:

  • Find songs in seconds.
  • Switch it to automatic if you leave the app you find the songs.
  • You can find the songs from Tictok, Facebook, Instagram and other app.
  • You can save those songs in shazam and can listen any time.
  • Shazam find millions of songs that will be played in YouTube and other app.

Shazam has a lot of quality that is why it is like by the people. That’s why it has seven hundred reviews. As before such app was not introduce and this app help the people to find out their favorite songs in seconds. This is new thing for the people and it is popular around the world.

Where to Install This App:

This app is very easy to install. If you have a smart phone you don’t have to worry. You need to open play store and type shazam and install it. It will work. Do its setting. Now depends on you how you want run it whether you want to run it automatically or manually. It also tells you through the chart that what is popular in your country or city. It has many more features. This never disappoint when you want to discover any type of songs.


When you open shazam will show you three option Library, Search Bar and charts. In library you will find all those songs which you search for and can play any songs from those which are saving in library. These songs will be saving as long as you want them to be there. But if you do not like any of the song you can easily delete them from the library of shazam. Search bar is place where you just touch search and play the song and it will take you to the song on You Tube or other platforms.

Charts shows the songs that are most popular in your country and city that are search by the other and you can see those too and select your favorite songs from there if you like.




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