Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Fix & Boost Sound Apk

Did you wet your phone or smartwatch after falling into the water? Do speakers feel bad and silent when trapped in water? Don’t worry, there is a quick and easy solution.

With the Speaker Cleaner app, you can clean and remove your speaker water in a matter of seconds. This simple process of extracting water from the speaker is very simple and the success rate is over 80%.

Speaker Cleaner Remove Water Fix & Boost Sound Apk

The Speaker Cleaner app uses sine wave sound for prostate frequencies to remove clean water from the speaker. The sound wave vibrates the speaker and the water gets stuck inside for vibration.

Cleaning method:
The speaker cleaner has some built-in cleaning methods to help you successfully with the water stuck inside the speaker.
Automatic cleaning
Auto cleaning is an automated process for removing water from the speaker. With the press of a button, your amplifier will be repaired in 80 seconds. There are also two Outklin modes, so if none of them work, try them.
Manual clean
The manual clearing method allows you to select the specific audio frequency that works best for a particular speaker. Use the slider bar to set the frequency.
Choose between loudspeakers or earphones
With a simple slider, you can choose between speaker or airbod cleaning

Important information:
Or place the phone or smart watch in front of the speaker.
Change the volume from Volume Max.
Disconnect if headphones are connected.

Available for smart smart watches
The Speaker Cleaner app is optimized for Android Wear smartwatches.


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