Squats Workout | Best Squats Workout

Silence! Training with your own tools! Your personal trainer is free!
The best squash app comes with its own unique design and powerful functionality.
This is a true personal fitness trainer.

This is a beautiful body builder. Squats not only help you count the squats, but also count the calories you have lost during each exercise and create a training plan based on your daily training and physical condition.

In training mode, the application will plan an appropriate training based on your age and physical condition.

The project will be divided into six levels with different groups at each level. A training plan for another group or level will be created based on the results of your current training. At each new level the app will re-evaluate your physical condition to make sure the plan has been customized.

You can not only count the squats but also enter the training data manually using the proximity sensor.
See how this app helps you shape your body through scouts. It will not disappoint you.

* Counting of votes involves motivation
Enter training data on training
* Graphs and statistics
Training methods
* Freestyle mode
* Organize backups and data
* Training report

How to use: Hold your phone horizontally from your chest with both hands.

Instructions: Android OS has limitations, if you need to work as usual after starting the phone, please install it on your phone instead of SD card.




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