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You may transfer data from one Android device to another using a number of apps. The most well-liked ones consist of:

Shareit – a popular cross-platform file sharing programme that allows you to share data wirelessly between Android devices.
Another well-liked cross-platform file transfer tool, Xender, enables wireless file transfers across Android devices.
You may upload items to the cloud, including pictures and videos, using the Google Drive app. You can download files on one Android device, upload them to another, and then download them again.
This programme, Samsung Smart Switch, was created specifically for syncing data between Samsung devices.
Bluetooth – Bluetooth allows for file transfers between Android devices. Merely enable Bluetooth on both devices, couple them together, and then transfer files between them.
USB Cable – A USB cable can be used to transfer files between Android devices. Simply use the cable to connect the two devices, and then use the File Manager app or another file management programme to transfer the data.

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