Starva: Run, Ride, Hike

Starva: Run, Ride, Hike

People do exercise and keep themselves fit. It is very hard task because you have to be punctual and keep doing it daily. There are many apps that will provide you this information that what you have done today. It will provide all the data. It will tells about how many steps you have taken. What exercise you have done and how many calories you have burn. This is why this app is downloaded by many people and they recommend it to other as well. We have been through many apps and we find this app as the best one and we recommend to other as well.

People hire a trainer who tells them what to do and they count what will help them but you will do it all with one app on your mobile. We always choose the best one and it might be the best one in its category because of its features. There were many apps that has same thing but they do not compete it in features. We want our viewers to install this app and take benefit of it. It is free of cost and they will not charge for this.

You can count your step and running with starva and it is very easy and this app will man it easy for you. It can share your journey with your friends. You will have all the data of exercise in this app and whenever you want it you can share with your friends. When you have this app this app will make it easy for you and it will let you know what you have done. You cannot say by yourself that you might have done a lot of running but it will tell you what you have done.

This app has many advantages and if you install this app you will be connected with a community. You can share with them that what is your experience and how this app help you. You get data about your progress and you will be aware of what you have done and it is going. This app will be a smart trainer for you. It will be a motivator for you and let you train very hard.

  • It has 4.1 stars.
  • It has 763k reviews.
  • 50 million people downloaded this app.

This app is available in play store and you can download it from the link.

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