Stay Away: Phone Addiction Controller Antisocial App

What’s in it for me?
App Usage Tracker: Tracks the usage of each application
✅ Daily Phone Usage Tracker: Shows phone usage during the day.
Last 7 days of use: Shows phone usage from last 7 days.
Schedule time: Set the time when applications are not available. This way you can limit your screen time and avoid getting drunk on the phone.
App Application Scope: Adjust usage limits for apps like social media which you use the most and are most addicted to.
Always Allow Allow: Allow some important applications such as banking, email, etc. to stay short.
ID Widget: Want to check app usage soon? You have a widget you do not need to open the application.

Do you often find yourself on the phone – waiting for the bus, waiting for the doctor’s clinic, or crossing the street?
It doesn’t seem to work, but it’s not healthy to spend too much time on the screen. It’s not just about using a smartphone forever, it will prevent you from seeing what is happening around you. Seriously, these phones are designed for a cause. It’s okay to give something away or use it for fun but using snowballs on your phone can be a problem.

How can I check if I’m used to my phone? 📱
Do you sometimes spend more time with your phone than expected?
Do you scroll without a way? 🤳
Do you spend more time talking to people on the phone than in real life? 👦👩👦👦
Do you have your phone with you when you sleep?
Do you have a tendency to delay your work so that you can answer on your phone? 📱
If the answer to this question is yes, then your phone is likely. 📱

How can I prevent myself from getting used to the phone? 📱
Well, as soon as you get to this page you have already taken a step towards improving your life.

This app gives you screen time. Your screen time daily / weekly time. This will allow you to see how much time you actually spend on your phone which we usually do not.
You can set the time (not the time to use the phone). No apps will be opened at this time without your permission. It is basically a social application.

So, basically this miscellaneous app allows you to first know how much time you really spend on your phone or your social media. If you’re addicted to the phone, the key is to keep track. This miscellaneous app will tell you how much you use each application.

This application basically calculates how much time you spend on your phone. Thus, it calculates the screen activation time.

So what are you waiting for? Just install the hotspot button which is completely free. Don’t let your phone control you. Stay away from adding to your phone with this counter app!

You may be wondering, why is this app called Miscellaneous? Well, we’re losing our focus on digital demonstrations and phone add-ons, which ultimately reduces our productivity. For the most part, we all spend time on social media. So, this app helps you not only limit the social media application to any other application you choose. That’s why the state app is unnecessary in any way.

How can this antiphone add-on app help boost my productivity?
Once you have decided that you want to get rid of your phone add-on, you can definitely do it. This miscellaneous application is just a tool that will give you information about using your phone. It is up to you to control the requests to use the phone.

If you control this urge to use the phone, you will be able to spend your time better with family and friends. Also, you get a lot of results at home as well as at work. This miscellaneous application that acts as a phone tracker to use your phone and keeps you away from adding your phone.

To be productive, to be social, to be focused, you have to stay away from your phone!



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