Technology makes life easier

Technology makes life easier. There are different types of technology. The history of technology is very old. This technology helped human a lot. It speeds up our work. We are much comfortable now. Machines are doing our work. It does fast and accurately. It makes our lives much easier in many ways. It connects you from one corner to the other. It is possible through phone. You can use for this social media. You can send your message as fast as you want. You have to click and send your message. The message can be seen by millions of people through social media. Human does work in factories and they take time to do any work. Machineries are introduces now one machine does the work of hundreds of people. Weapons are introduces for armies to save the country from enemies. Airplanes are introduces to make travelling easy and fast. Smart phones are introduces to connect people from far. Computer are introduces to do hard task easier. Man can do their work easier and fast. This technology helps them a lot. It was started in the past. First man used stone as knives. Then they invent more things with time. Now it is 21st century and world are going very fast and every country want to introduce new things in technology. So they want to be on the front line in technology.


It is technology that is invented in 20th century. First its size was so big and was about 3000 ton. With time it becomes smaller. As scientist research and they make this technology smaller. Now we can put this in our pocket. It is very useful technology. We can control anything from this technology. We can control social media. We can calculate things in it. We can make files in it. We can take picture and edit videos in it. It is now smarter and can control camera in it. CCTV is another camera that help human to save them from many bad situation. It is also control it by computer. This technology is very useful in human life. Everyone needs this nowadays. It became important.


It is circuit that performs different function. It is also technology and performs different function. One example is computer processor that performs function for computer. It translates electrical signals into computer codes. In the same way it has much function that make the life easier.

Artificial intelligence:

It is another technology that makes our smarter. It is very useful and helps us a lot. If want to search any route in Google map it will tell you easy way and also tells you where is more traffic and you have to choose which way. Another example is when you search in Google for something. They will show you before you type and you have to just click and search. This is known as artificial intelligence.


It is very important for computer. Computer is uncompleted without this. It is connection required to control all the things. It connects the people around the world. Every person has it now in their pocket. They know the importance of the internet. It can tell the ways where you don’t know the way. You need to open Google map and it will help to reach to your location. It can make your work easier. In the past when you lose your keys or car you do a lot of effort to find them. Now you have technology you have to press some keys and you find them easily. In the past you need to press button to open your lights and gate but you need a smart phone and install app you can control your entire home.


This is the technology that makes people able to talk. They do their conversation through this procedure. Some are simple and only you can call through Sim card but some are able to be connected with internet. They perform different function and make easier work for human. They connect people through social media and helped them to talk anytime they wanted. There many app which are used by the people during pandemic. People do meeting through zoom sitting at home.


This is another source of giving information. People use it as source to listen and see visual. It is connected through wire by the internet. It is one source of entertainment and news. It signal also come from internet.

Solar panel:

This is another technology that creates energy. People use sun rays and make power through which they generate some power which they use for lights, cooler and water. They use it for many things and it easy way to make electricity. This is very good technology and very useful nowadays. It is free of cost you have to install solar panel and generate power and use it for your daily routine to make your work easier.

Wind turbines:

It is also source of energy. You have to install it and it work where there is wind. Wind circulates this and power generates from these turbines which turn into electrical energy and you can use it to perform different function such as lights, water and pans.


This is source of energy that store energy and you can use it for different tasks, watch need batteries, mobile need batteries. Batteries store energy and give it to different atoms and that batteries are rechargeable.

We have told you about technologies that have benefits in some ways and also have some disadvantage too. I have told you above what benefit it have. But it has some disadvantage. Before technology a lots of people work in factories but now machinery replace them and they don’t have jobs. It creates less space for human and gives more space to machinery. it create space between human they use sit and talk to each other but they are now busy in using technology and have no time for each other. We need to think about this problem also because a lot of people are in depression because of this.






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