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Send, spend and save money

Pay anywhere. Pay by everyone.

Tilda is an easy and fast way to send, spend and save money. It is a secure, fast and free mobile banking app.

 New mobile best App Telda

* How it works *

Dial and go straight to Tilda in a few minutes from your phone.

There are no hidden fees. Yes that’s right. No maintenance fees, insufficient budget fees, minimum balance in the account.

Deposit money into your account using any debit / credit card through ATM or many other cash terminals.

* Send and receive instant money *

Receive, request and send money instantly from friends and family with just a few taps at no cost. The easiest way to pay a friend for an evening meal or split rent with your roommates is Telda.

* Get a free MasterCard, accepted worldwide *

Request your Tilda Card (Mate Blackmaster Card) directly from the application. You will be able to make online purchases, in-store purchases or contact payments.

* Manage your expenses well *

Not sure where all your money goes? Learn how to manage your expenses, categorize all your transactions into smart sub-categories, and get a look at your financial habits. Get instant notifications on all account activity so you know what’s happening with your account 24/7.

* Privacy & Security *

Secure all your payments with a passcode or fingerprint. If you put it in the wrong place, spend it on your Tilda card with one tap. All your information is secure. By law and under Egyptian central bank regulations, your money is protected by licensed banks.



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