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Check that your phone is working properly, check mobile device hardware and get complete information

You want to check the phone’s hardware, sensors, and components to make sure everything is working properly. Do you need to upgrade your Android smartphone or tablet?
Use the test app to get full phone information and device status before going to the lab!

Check your phone easily!
Test M is a free hardware diagnostic app for your smartphone and mobile device. Use the esti certificate to check your phone and glasses info, get the full report fix your need and nothing more. Create the right document online to buy or sell your phone.

The most accurate and convenient mobile phone test app
Troubleshoot your phone, tablet, or smart device
Over 20 comprehensive tests on all aspects of your device
Compatible with more than 14,000 Android and iOS devices!
Check that you did not receive a stolen phone using IMEI Check
Make sure the device is locked and ready for use in your country
20 supports more than 20 languages

Checking and reporting hardware for your device
Check phone IMEI number and get full online connection status report and get accurate target report with all your phone information in minutes, it can fix your phone.
The test reports are easy to understand for any smartphone or mobile device, the production is online and easily available anywhere, and you can also prepare notes to test your device whenever you want.

The list of travel exams includes:
Screen test: touch screen, 3d touch screen
Acoustic sound test: speaker, earpiece, microphone, headphones
Speed: gyroscope, accelerometer, compass
Connectivity test: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phone, GPS
Hardware testing: light sensor, charger, vibration, proximity sensor, fingerprint sensor
Camera test: front camera, back camera, LED flash

Find a repair shop
Search and find a nearby repair shop. Waste time, money and everything you know. With FixTeston, you can really know what needs to be fixed on your Android device and you will not waste more time and money on your phone or tablet.


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