Top 5 Incredible Google Apps You Should Be Using in 2022

At the age of 5, our generation is a bit familiar with google. It is not wrong to say that Google is the secondary source of learning. Not so far google become the primary source of learning the main reason is that it’s an era of digitalization. Everything becomes visual including learning, education, earning, buying and selling, and many more thing. From the day we are born till death we connect we google.

Google was first registered in 1997, and goggle gained attention in 2003. If we still hear the name google, the first thought that came to mind google is google is a search engine, but it’s not completely true so far. Google is the company that makes its market value as a search engine.

Google’s mission is “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. With this mission, you can understand that Google is almost succeeded. In the US almost 75% of browsing is done by the use of google.

Best google services are given below

1. Google Chrome

2. Google Drive

3. Google Pay

4. Gmail

5. Google Keep

6. Google Maps

7. Google Earth

8. Google Docs

9. Google Lens

10. Google Sky Maps

11. Google Slides

12. Google Sheets

13. Google Ads

14. Google Forms

15. Google Meet

Google offers almost 100+ services but prominent ones are mentioned above.

For all google services just use the following steps

  • just have to visit Google and Apple play store
  • Then you the appropriate name for searching
  • gives the assess to your device
  • Further gives the personal details for the account
  • If wants the best result then turn on the location for the best results.

Google Chrome

When google registered as a company it was not well known by the world. But later in 2004 rumors were spread that google hired a web developer’s team new project. At that point, google faced criticisms by the completers, at that time major competitor was the release of

Mozilla Firefox 1.0, which was surging in popularity and taking market share from Internet Explorer so after the efforts of google was first time launched in 2008. That changed the game now you just have to put world google gives the complete details about that, we can say chrome is the part of our life.

Google lens

Google lens is one of the comprehensive apps that offers incredible features. Google lens is launched in 2017 its works as a multipurpose app. Want to find out the solution to any question, Need a location, Want to buy the same article, Text search, Want to translate just enter the work google lens gives you complete details.

Most amazingly you don’t have the advanced vocabulary and sometimes we don’t know about the terminologies then the simplest option is to google search but a specific search takes too much time that might disturb the frequent conversation.

Features of google lens are given below

  • First of all its secure
  • Efficient in terms of working
  • By using this app you can translate the terms
  • By giving access to the keyboard auto-translation is on
  • Gives the service of image reading, for example, you are a foreigner and traveling a specific country, so you don’t need to install a number of apps for translation.
  • Simply capture the picture and insert it into google lens which provides translation into almost 300+ languages
  • Major languages that offer google lens are English, American English Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, British English, Urdu, and many more.


Google Drive

We all want to save some memories but the major problem is where to save that data. Some software gives a huge amount to data. Similarly if running a business then have to save data for future use but unfortunately, we have to pay a lot of money against that. By considering these problems google introduces google drive.

Feature of google drive is following

  • Google drive able to store emails, pictures, videos, files, doc
  • It ensures security
  • Gives access whenever you want
  • Keep your confidentiality
  • Gives your files virus free

Google Meet

You don’t have to pay to credit companies, for international clients dealing just install google meet without wasting resources. This app is a video chatting app that was first time launched in 2017. But during the first wave of Coronavirus got popular in 2019, about 3 million people. Most educational institutes rely on this app because it is secure and effective.

Features of google meet are given below

  • Google map is secure
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Offers best graphics
  • Two-way and multi-way audio and video calls with a resolution of up to 720p
  • Provide screen sharing option
  • Voice canceling audio option


Gmail is free mail service that is provided by Google in 2004, according to the survey of 2019 that shows 2019 about 1.5 billion active users, with this static you can analyze how many people rely on Gmail. Similar to most apps charge money for this service.

Features of Gmail are given below

  • Gives search option that helps to a quick google search which may less consume time.
  • Offers 100+ virtual keyboard
  • Provide Gmail lab
  • Spam filter
  • Gmail is secure as compared to the other services
  • Gives the surety to maintain confidentiality
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Gives then the opportunity for recovery of data that you lost accidentally
  • By full fulling the requirement Gmail provide data after confirmation

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