Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos,Video App Download

This application transforms itself into a torch app that can be used to turn the LED on and off. And if you press on the head of the lamp for a long time, the main arch will open.

Hide and save your personal photos / videos from your phone gallery and easily access them using the passcode or finger lock (if available on your phone) in the Torch Wallet app.

Torch Vault- Hide Gallery’s Photos,Video App Download


  • Hide photos and videos
  • Hide audio files
  • Save notes
  • Passcode and fingerprint lock

It’s an easy and smart way to hide your personal photos and videos.
– Cattle –
Encryption applications with passwords, patterns, or fingerprint locks.
Alt Vault: Hide photos and videos
Themes are well designed
Hidden Search: No history record
Personal SNS: Log in to multiple accounts
Selfie Translator: Take pictures of the attackers.
Custom background, choose the best image
Custom profile: Configure different security groups
Lock time: Auto / lock on time
. Location lock: Auto / lock by location
Hide the application icon
Desirable preventive protection: It prevents killing by toxins
Random keyboard: The pin code prevents people from appearing
Energy coverage
Lock key (WiFi, Bluetooth, HM)
Application Tools: Enable / Disable with one click
• Quick lock switch: Lock / lock in the notification bar
Lock system settings to prevent noise for kids
Allow short exits: Symbols, patterns, and fingerprints are not required
Delete the analog applet
Use less memory.
Department of Energy Saving

Tally uses permission from the equipment manager.
To enable enhanced security, please activate the application as “Device Manager”. It is only used to prevent login from installing applications.
Uses accessibility services.
Please grant access to the services to enable power saving mode. The service is only used to remind users that they cannot open applications and reduce battery usage.



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