Vani Caller Theme, Call Screen, LED Name Announcer Apk

Caller Theme is a stylish phone application for incoming and outgoing call screens, providing many amazing year phone, high caller caller ID and other year personal settings. You can easily adjust your LED flashlight for the phone.

Not only that, you can have a personal photo of your acquaintance or contact your loved one directly after the phone call.
Touchlight flashlight reminds you of an important upcoming alarm. Download your year and surprise!

The following year, as soon as he received it, he announced the name of Android’s top app caller. Fast, best and 100 free

Protect yourself from spam and unwanted phone calls with our caller ID.
Caller ID – Call blocker functionality gives you the option to block anonymous or spam callers. You can update the spam call database in the block list. Never worry about spam hours.

Main Features:
Ancy Best and stylish theme
There are lots of beautiful, vibrant and stylish collar screens to make your future ring beautiful.
ool cool and bright LED R LED a
Not only does it ring your bell, it makes your voice louder.
Real time caller
Caller name announcer
Recognizes caller’s name or unknown number and announces aloud
Convenient and easy to use
Smart and fast, change your ringtone theme with just one touch.
Battery friendly
Low battery consumption, very efficient.
Call phone custom selected
Configure your custom incoming call interface.

Tired of old school phone screens? Download Caller Theme to cool your Call of Duty screen in the same way! Adjust your phone screen with themes created over the years, including caller themes. When your phone rings, the amazing screen of the phone sets you apart from other people.

So, say goodbye to your old year screen, turn it into stylish photos, colors and backgrounds! Show off your next color and become a rock star!


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