Video Eraser is a watermark cleaner that removes photo/text logo from the video

Video Eraser is a watermark cleaner that removes images / text logos from videos

Video Eraser is a powerful watermark remover. It helps you clear text / image logos from your videos, backgrounds from photos. For video creators, it enables you to add text, watermarks, icons or even your own photos to videos. In the new version, you can cut video size, capture video. Video Cleanup lets you edit your videos and photos, add or remove watercolors with a simple tap.

Remove watermark from video / photo
As an effective watermark cleaner, this video cleaner app can fulfill your dream of removing watermarks from videos or photos. With advanced image / text recognition technology, it will automatically recognize the logo. So, you can delete it and clear the background.

Add watercolors to videos / photos
It’s very easy for video editors or bloggers to add their own videos or photos to videos, videos or photos. You can then edit the text, import an image or take a picture as a logo. And you can move it freely through the image.

Edit videos
In the latest version, this watermark removal app also gives you the practical task of video editing. You can cut the video size to the appropriate aspect ratio, or record screen video. You can then upload it to your video album to add watercolors.





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