Video Player All Format APK Review 2022

Video player format is a very good app for smart phone user. You have seen many players but this one is very good. If you are searching and you don’t find player for yourself. We are here to tell you about this player which is good and have a lot of feature. The player not only paly videos but it also saves video. You can keep them secret and put password on that. This player has many features that are mention below.

  • It can support mp3 to ultra HD.
  • You can put password on it.
  • You can put video on slow and fast motion.
  • It also support subtitle.
  • It manages and share videos easily.
  • It is multitasking.
  • You can control its brightness and volume easily.
  • You can lock files in it

This player has many players as it can be HD in phone tablet and Smart phone. This app has many features which you cannot find in the other players. It can support all format video and is HD wherever you want to use. This player will help you to play any kind of video and saved it forever. This player will help you in any video to play it slowly and fast.


You need to open your smartphone and open play store and type video format APK and install it in your mobile and now you can enjoy it by playing videos and lock the files you want.


It has 1.27 million reviews and people like it and gives their thought on it. They like it and recommend it to other too to install it and use it. It has 4.8 stars which are very good. It means that this player is better than the other. So I recommend you to install it and enjoy your videos in it.




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