Volume Styles – Customize your Volume Panel Slider Apk Download

Take full control of the volume sliders, including the most advanced volume apps on the Play Store

Sound Styles let you fully customize your phone’s volume panels and sliders.
Change colors, apply various themes, such as iOS, MIUI, change location, and much more! You have complete control.

You can also add additional shortcuts to the sound panel and change the brightness to make them more accessible.

Easily apply a pattern to your volume slider with just one click:
Android 10
iOS 13
Xiaomi MIUI
Samsung One UI
. OnePlus Oxygen
. Android Oreo Landscape Slider
Huawei EMUI
Windows 10 operating system
• Color operation system
Paranoid robot
Vivo Fontouch OS

Realm UI
iOS 12
Windows Mobile
Node ohm size
•and thousands more in applying the pattern

Volume Styles also includes a dedicated pattern creator where you can hang things up.
When designing your perfect style, you can submit it to your Patterns Feed along with thousands of other styles created by the community.
Simply choose a pattern in the pattern brief to place it later or apply it instantly with one click.

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