WAMR Recover Deleted Messages

WAMR Recover Deleted Messages

Are you worried or curious once your friend send you a message and then delete it or your gallery is deleted? Now you don’t have to worry I will tell you the way to recover your picture voice not and videos. WAMR is the app that will help you to recover your data.

If you are chatting with your friend and they send you a message and then quickly delete it and now you are curious to know about that voice that what your friend send to you. Now you have to download WAMR and get the message that was deleted. You can listen now to those messages which are deleted by having this app.

This not only recovers messages but also other stuff like picture videos.


  • It is very to install
  • Open play store
  • Type WAMR
  • Install it in you device
  • Run it and discover things


  • Easy to install
  • Discover old and deleted data
  • Give notification once one deleted data

The app is very useful as if you don’t have internet and someone deleted the message now you have to run WAMR and discover the data you need. It is very easy to use it and very popular among the people as they give good reviews on this app.




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