WatUsage : Online App Usage Tracker for WhatsApp Apk Download

Tracker is a very effective platform for tracking WhatsApp
Using the application.

Online Tracker For WhatsApp is an easy-to-use yet powerful app / tool manager.

You can review all usage details of installed applications using Application User Monitor. The online tracker shows your daily use of WhatsApp and last time online for WhatsApp. It also allows you to specify how long your app will take to use.

Check the use of WhatsApp now with this application and see the use of other installed applications on your phone.
The key to online monitoring support is to track the free app tracking times you’ve spent using every app installed on your device.

The Tracker is also used as an additional usage reminder for your app. You can set the timer to use your application. Reminds you when you spend a lot of time on phones or apps and go over the timer limit.

You can select the applications you want from the installed applications.
Keep a record. There are no restrictions on app number tracking.





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