What are the benefits of cycling?


Cycling is one of my hobbies since my childhood. I remember when I collect money and bought a cycle for myself. That was a great day for me. As my dream come true. I liked cycling since my childhood. Those twelve hundred rupees were the price that fulfil my dream. I used to do cycling with my friend. I to do a competition in our school. On Sunday we always go cycling in mountains. As I grow up my love and interest in cycling increased.

All the people saying to me that one day I will make a career in cycling. I participate in every competition of cycling happening near me. I always got a position. That winning increases my intention and thinking about participating in an international competition. As a grown-up, I bought different cycles. I start proper cycling when I got a group in my sixth class. My first cycling trip was with my friend to urhak when we were 10 years old. It is placed in Baluchistan 30km away from Quetta. We all friends took lunch from home and start our journey from our school and went on the way to Urhak. All were very happy as it was the first trip for all.

We also collect some money so we buy some drinks as well. So the first cycling trip started and we reached nawakilli and bought some fruit as well and then on the way to break. As we have now all the things with us and now going towards our destination. The most important thing for us was to reach there safe and sound. We were able to reach there easily and we achieve our first aim to reach there. As we have lunch and some refreshments we took those and now we go for the important thing for what we were there and that was cycling in the mountain of Urhak. As it was our first trip and was far from our home. We face difficulties during cycling in Urhak. Because it was not easy cycling in mountains. We were very tired after doing cycling in the mountains and we all decided to come on the road and come back home. As we did enough cycling in that mountains. We come towards a home that was our first trip which we enjoy a lot. And that trip was unforgettable for us.

So we found our cycling group from there and then whenever we do cycling we do it in a group and we were always together. I took part in every competition which was happening in our school or our city. I always got the first position in my city. I was famous as a cyclist in my society. Now we have had a group and we decided to go on every Sunday for cycling. We decide on places in this way we fulfill our dream of cycling and we also visit lots of places. The second trip was to go to Kanak which is 50km away from our city. Again we prepare ourselves and went cycling to Kanak. That was too a good trip. As we reached there some of our friend cycles got spoiled and we take some rest and set their cycles and continue our trip toward our destination finally we reached there. As we reached there we met another group and joined them and go with them in a different direction and that was too a very good trip. As we find more friends who were also a cyclist and they were more experienced and we learned a lot from them as well. This trip ended with some good memories. Now it’s time to take part in the biggest competition of my life.

I was very enthusiastic to take part in it. It was organized by the provisional government. We collect the form to take part in it as all the cyclists from the province were invited to take part in it. I was one of them. I remember the day when they announce the date and we all were very happy about that. The day come and the competition started all cyclists were ready to win but there would be one lucky winner and guess who is the winner of that competition that was the only one and it was me. That was the best day of my life as I got the first position on the bigger stage. That competition changes my life because now all the city knows me and everyone wants to do cycling with me. But I don’t want to leave my old group. But one thing happened that our group become bigger as a lot of people join us.

Now we do cycling in a month but with a long-distance, it consists of more members and at least 300km. after this competition, I joined college and there I start slow-cycling I won too there. That was my first experience as a slow cyclist. That was too enjoyable and I started slow cycling with my friends as it was new for me and my friend enjoyed it too as it was new for all of us. We had a great time together and now it was time to shift from the city and go to another city I had to leave the group as I joined the university. So I have to make new friends and I have a new group in a new place. Everything was new for me but my cycle was with me which helped me a lot. I found new friends who were too, cyclists and I started a new journey with new friends. We make a plane to go every Sunday to do cycling in the green city of Islamabad. That was another feeling to do cycling as that city has different weather and beautiful places for cycling. Till now I enjoy cycling and have more money to buy a new cycle with a better option so that I make my journey with cycling more enjoyable. That was all from here.


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